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1991's Shattered Cast: Then and Now Revealed

Then vs Now Movies Jun 5, 2024

Shattered, the gripping neo-noir psychological thriller from 1991, boasts a stellar cast that delivered unforgettable performances. This film, a complex tale of amnesia, deception, and suspense, featured a lineup of talented actors who each brought their unique flair to the screen. But what were these stars up to before they became part of Shattered? And where has life taken them in the decades since? Let’s dive into a "then and now" exploration of the main cast members—Tom Berenger, Bob Hoskins, Greta Scacchi, Joanne Whalley, and Corbin Bernsen—and see how their careers have evolved over time.

Shattered (1991)

Shattered Poster

Director: Wolfgang Petersen

Genre: Neo-Noir Psychological Thriller

Age Rating: R

Runtime: 98 minutes

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Tom Berenger as Dan Merrick

Tom Berenger Then and Now

Then (1991, aged 42)

Tom Berenger, born in 1949, was already a well-established actor by the time he took on the role of Dan Merrick in "Shattered." Known for his rugged good looks and intense performances, Berenger had made a significant impact in Hollywood. As one critic put it, "Berenger brought a raw intensity to his roles that was simply captivating." Before "Shattered," he had garnered critical acclaim for his roles in films like "Platoon" (1986), for which he received an Academy Award nomination, and "The Big Chill" (1983). His performance in "Platoon" was particularly praised, with one reviewer stating, "Berenger's portrayal of a hardened soldier was both gritty and nuanced."

Now (2024, aged 75)

At 75 years old, Tom Berenger continues to be a respected figure in the film industry. After "Shattered," he didn't rest on his laurels, consistently taking on challenging roles. As one filmmaker noted, "Berenger is the kind of actor who fully immerses himself in every character he plays." He continued to work steadily, appearing in movies such as "Sniper" (1993) and "Training Day" (2001). More recently, Berenger has been seen in TV series like "Hatfields & McCoys" (2012), for which he won an Emmy Award, proving his versatility across mediums. As an industry veteran, Berenger remains active in both film and television, maintaining his status as a versatile and respected actor.


Did you know that the director of Shattered, Wolfgang Petersen, was meticulous about creating the perfect suspenseful atmosphere? Petersen, known for his work on films like Das Boot (1981) and The NeverEnding Story (1984), brought a unique approach to directing a psychological thriller. One interesting anecdote from the set involves the intense car accident scene that kicks off the film’s mystery. It required multiple takes and careful coordination to achieve the desired impact, reflecting Petersen’s dedication to authenticity and detail.

Bob Hoskins as Gus Klein

Bob Hoskins Then and 2014

Then (1991, aged 49)

Bob Hoskins, born in 1942, was a beloved British actor known for his ability to embody diverse characters. By the time he portrayed Gus Klein in "Shattered," Hoskins had already achieved international fame for his role in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" (1988) and received an Academy Award nomination for "Mona Lisa" (1986). His performance in "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" was particularly praised for its charm and comedic timing, with one critic noting, "Hoskins stole every scene he was in."


Sadly, Bob Hoskins passed away in 2014 at the age of 71. After "Shattered," he continued to deliver memorable performances in films such as "Hook" (1991), where he brought a touch of whimsy to his role, and "Nixon" (1995), where he showcased his dramatic range. As one colleague remembered, "Bob had an incredible ability to inhabit his characters, making them feel real and relatable." His legacy endures through his extensive body of work, and his impact on the film industry remains profound.

Greta Scacchi as Judith Merrick

Greta Scacchi Then and Now

Then (1991, aged 31)

Greta Scacchi, born in 1960, was an accomplished actress with a flair for complex characters. Prior to her role as Judith Merrick in "Shattered," Scacchi had starred in a range of films including "White Mischief" (1987) and "Presumed Innocent" (1990), establishing herself as a versatile and talented performer. One critic praised her, saying, "Scacchi has a way of bringing depth and nuance to even the most challenging roles."

Now (2024, aged 64)

Now 64, Greta Scacchi continues to impress with her acting prowess. As one director said, "Scacchi is the kind of actress who can elevate any project with her presence." Post-"Shattered," she has appeared in numerous films and television series, including "The Player" (1992) and "Emma" (1996), showcasing her range. She has also taken on roles in European cinema and theater, showcasing her enduring talent across various mediums.

Special Effects

The special effects and cinematography in Shattered played a crucial role in depicting Dan Merrick’s fragmented memories. The film used innovative techniques for its time to create a disorienting and immersive experience for viewers. For example, the use of distorted and blurred imagery helped convey Merrick’s amnesia and the psychological tension he endured. This approach not only heightened the suspense but also drew audiences deeper into the mystery unraveling on screen.

Joanne Whalley as Jenny Scott

Joanne Whalley Then and Now

Then (1991, aged 30)

Joanne Whalley, born in 1961, was known for her captivating screen presence and acting range. Before playing Jenny Scott in "Shattered," Whalley had notable roles in films like "Willow" (1988) and the TV miniseries "Scarlett" (1990), establishing herself as a prominent actress of the late '80s and early '90s. As one critic noted, "Whalley had a way of commanding the screen, drawing the audience's attention with her subtle yet powerful performances." Whalley also married Val Kilmer in 1988 after meeting on the set of Willow, they have two children together but separated in 1995.

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Now (2024, aged 63)

At 63, Joanne Whalley remains active in the entertainment industry, defying expectations. As an industry insider shared, "Whalley's dedication to her craft is truly admirable." Following "Shattered," she continued to build her career with roles in movies such as "The Secret Rapture" (1993) and TV series like "The Borgias" (2011-2013), showcasing her versatility. Her recent work includes appearances in series like "Daredevil" (2015-2018), proving her continued relevance in modern entertainment. Recently Whalley appeared in 3 episodes of the TV series,Willow in 2022.

Corbin Bernsen as Jeb Scott

Corbin Bernsen Then and Now

Then (1991, aged 37)

Corbin Bernsen, born in 1954, was widely recognized for his role in the TV series "L.A. Law" (1986-1994). By the time he played Jeb Scott in "Shattered," Bernsen had already made a name for himself in both television and film, known for his charismatic and often morally ambiguous characters. As one critic noted, "Bernsen had a way of making even the most unlikable characters strangely compelling."

Now (2024, aged 70)

Now 70, Corbin Bernsen has enjoyed a prolific career post-"Shattered." As a longtime industry veteran shared, "Bernsen's versatility and commitment to his craft have been the keys to his success." He has continued to act in a variety of TV shows and movies, including "Psych" (2006-2014) where he played a fan-favorite character, and "The Resident" (2018-present), showcasing his range. Bersen has most recently appeared in 2024's Clipped alongside Laurence Fishburne and Ed O'Neill. Bernsen has also ventured into directing and producing, showcasing his multifaceted talent in the industry. His ability to adapt and evolve has kept him relevant and in demand throughout his career.

Box Office

Upon its release in 1991, Shattered garnered a moderate box office performance. While it didn’t break records, it held its own against other films released that year. The film grossed approximately $11.5 million domestically, a respectable figure for a neo-noir thriller. Critics praised Tom Berenger’s performance and Wolfgang Petersen’s direction, although some noted that the complex plot might have been challenging for mainstream audiences. Despite this, Shattered has maintained a cult following and is appreciated for its intricate storytelling and suspenseful execution.

Looking back at the cast of Shattered brings a wave of nostalgia. Tom Berenger, Bob Hoskins, Greta Scacchi, Joanne Whalley, and Corbin Bernsen have all gone on to do amazing things in the entertainment world. From their early roles to their recent projects, these actors have shown incredible resilience and adaptability. Their journeys remind us of why we fell in love with their performances in the first place. Celebrating their careers is a great way to appreciate the lasting impact of great acting and storytelling.


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