Kalifornia (1993) Review

Kalifornia (1993): A Hidden Gem in the 90s Thriller Genre

The Rewind Film Review Zone Jun 11, 2024

Buckle up, movie buffs, because we're taking a twisted journey down the dusty backroads of 90s cinema with Kalifornia - a deliciously dark and underrated thriller that deserves its place among the genre's best offerings.

Kalifornia (1993).

Brian Kessler is a writer, and his girlfriend, is a photographer. They're working on a book about serial killers, and planning a trip across the country to document the sites of famous serial murders. To cut costs, they set up a ride-share with strangers, Early Grayce and his girlfriend, Adele Corners. But what they don't know is that Early is a violent sociopath in the middle of his own serial killing spree.

This Review Contains Spoilers...

This unconventional 1993 gem expertly blends the skin-crawling tension of a serial killer flick with the unpredictable thrills of a road trip gone horrifyingly awry. The result? A white-knuckle ride that'll have you questioning your trust in strangers...and maybe even reconsidering those long stretches of empty highway.

From its opening frames, Kalifornia hooks you with a profound sense of unease. The vast, desolate landscapes aren't just backdrops - they're ominous canvases streaked with dread, each shot carefully composed to amplify the isolation and impending danger.

Unhinged Brilliance from Brad Pitt

Brad Pitt as the unhinged Early Grayce in Kalifornia

At the black heart of this descent into madness beats Brad Pitt's truly unnerving performance as Early Grayce. One moment, he's the charming drifter you'd happily share a road trip playlist with. The next? He's peeled back the mask to reveal unimaginable psychopathic depths that'll have you desperately wishing for the next exit.

"Trust me, I'm an outstanding citizen." - Early Grayce
Main Cast of Kalifornia

Pitt's is clearly the standout turn, but the solid supporting cast ensure we're drawn into their characters' spiraling hell too:

  • David Duchovny shines as the ill-fated writer whose obsession with understanding serial killers plunges him into unthinkable peril.
  • Juliette Lewis is heartbreakingly good as the vulnerable yet resilient Adele, trapped in a vicious cycle of misery and survival.

Deliriously Twisted Thrills with a Purpose

On its surface, Kalifornia is a tautly-paced, deliriously twisted thrill-ride speckled with near-unbearable flashes of black humor to momentarily ease the tension. Look deeper though, and you'll find thought-provoking commentary on the perilous allure of peering too far into the abyss of human depravity.

As our protagonist Brian grows more morbidly fascinated by Early's warped psyche, the lines between observer and participant dangerously blur. Like morbid rubber-neckers, we're all too aware of our own voyeuristic curiosity being provoked.

Kalifornia Trailer

Unlike so many of its contemporaries, Kalifornia deftly avoids the trap of mindless graphic grisliness. Rather than bludgeoning us with excessive gore, it employs a slow-burn dread that seeps insidiously into your psyche before hitting you with explosive bursts of shocking savagery.

How Kalifornia Stands Apart

A pantheon of 90s psychological thrillers drew their influence from Kalifornia, like Natural Born Killers and Freeway, yet Kalifornia stands apart. It trades stylized neo-noir excessiveness for a more grounded, uncomfortably plausible form of horror that'll linger long after the credits roll.

A Personal Connection

For me, this flick hits close to home for a few reasons:

  1. It represents a star-making turn from Brad Pitt, showcasing his remarkable range and ability to disappear into multifaceted characters. His Early Grayce is as hypnotically watchable as he is utterly terrifying.
  2. The film grapples with thought-provoking questions surrounding society's obsession with darkness - the true crime mania, our twisted fascination with depravity. As someone who's wrestled with the moral implications of these urges, I found Kalifornia to be a potent provocation.
  3. Most importantly though, I cherish this underseen gem for its willingness to take massive risks and defy genre tropes in an era when mainstream thrillers often played it safe.

A Must-See Thriller

So who would I steer towards this nightmarishly gripping descent into Americana-tinged savagery?

Undoubtedly, fans of psychologically rich, character-driven thrillers oozing atmospheric dread will find much to savour. But Kalifornia's unconventional blend of thrills, pitblack humour, and bold thematic exploration make it a must-see for anyone craving something refreshingly original.

When you hit the road with this deeply unsettling gem, buckle up and keep your eyes peeled for its brilliant use of symbolism and metaphor expertly woven into the fabric of the story.
Rewind Zone Movie Rating For Kalifornia (1993)

At its twisted core, Kalifornia is a master class in:

  • Simmering suspense
  • Moral provocation
  • Era-defining performances

Long after the closing frames, it'll linger like the vaguely ominous figure in your rearview, daring you to peer into the darkness just a little deeper. Don't say you haven't been warned...


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