Movie Streaming Platforms You May Not Know About

Movie Streaming Platforms You May Not Know About

In the era of Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon Prime, it can seem like the major players have corners on the movie streaming market. However, look just below the surface and you'll find a treasure trove of more niche movie streaming services catering to every taste and interest imaginable.

Whether you're a fan of classic cinema, international films, or genre-specific movies, there are dozens of specialty streaming platforms ready to delight even the most discerning cinephile. Here are some of the top movie streaming services flying under the radar that any true film buff needs to know about.

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Cultpix - For Fans of Cult Classics and Bizarre Cinema


Tapping into the wild world of cult films and midnight movies, Cultpix is a movie streaming platform devoted entirely to the weird, shocking, and downright bizarre. If you're into horror, sci-fi, exploitation, and other strange cinematic oddities, you'll feel right at home in Cultpix's curated collection of over 1,000 hard-to-find titles.

From avant-garde shockers like Eraserhead to gonzo horror gems like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Cultpix dredges up the movies that push boundaries and take audiences places they never expected to go. They also shine a spotlight on forgotten and underappreciated directors deserving of cult status like Alejandro Jodorowsky, Andrzej Zulawski, and Jack Hill.

The obscurities don’t end there either. In addition to celebrated cult classics, you’ll also find utterly obscure mondo films, bizarro art experiments, and mind-melting dystopian thrillers you never knew existed. If you like leaving a movie feeling disoriented and questioning reality, Cultpix is mandatory streaming.

COST: Around $6 per month

WARNING: Graphic Content

WeDoTV – An Eclectic Assortment of Indie Cinema


Boasting the motto “tv shows too weird for tv,” WeDoTV lives up to its promise with a stellar lineup of offbeat indie films and web series. While major streaming sites focus on mainstream hits, WeDoTV injects some refreshing unpredictability into the mix with constantly rotating selections of festival favorites, visionary directorial debuts, and pleasantly surprising hidden gems.

The lineup covers a wide spectrum from comedy and drama to sci-fi and horror. But they all share a vibrant independent spirit and the kind of creativity rarely seen in major studio productions. Amidst the titles, you might find imaginative mind-benders like Primer, mumblecore relationship dramas like Drinking Buddies, or quirky comedies like Hunt for the Wilderpeople alongside imaginative web originals.

For filmmakers and fans frustrated with Hollywood's increasing homogenization, WeDoTV opens a portal into the thriving world of independent cinema at its most inventive and inspired. It won’t just expand your viewing horizons but possibly even shift your perception of what movies can be.


YOU GET: Movies/ Shows/ Sports / LiveTV

Filmzie – Discover Independent Movies and Support Indie Filmmakers


The passionate team behind Filmzie aims to revolutionize the way independent films get distributed and watched. Their platform provides a direct pipeline between filmmakers and audiences, letting you instantly access and watch hundreds of indie movies while compensating creators more fairly.

As a viewer, Filmzie allows you to discover remarkable hidden gems across every genre imaginable from creators around the world. From stylish sci-fi thrillers to intimate personal dramas to documentary exposés, Filmzie’s ever-expanding catalog gives shining stars of indie cinema the spotlight they deserve.

Even better, your views help support the filmmakers themselves. Filmzie lets indie creators distribute films online directly and pays 70% revenue share from subscriptions and rentals. By watching indie flicks on Filmzie, you get to broaden your cinematic horizons while directly empowering independent artists. It’s the ideal streaming home for movie fans eager to look beyond the mainstream and support uncompromising cinema.


Catch: Register to unlock full features

The Criterion Channel – A Cinephile’s Dream

The Criterion Channel

For decades, the Criterion Collection has catered to film aficionados with their lovingly crafted home video releases of cinema's greatest masterpieces. In 2019, they took things a step further by launching The Criterion Channel, a movie streaming service created by cinephiles, for cinephiles.

The streaming platform provides unlimited access to the entire Criterion Collection, comprising over 1,000 landmark classic and contemporary films presented in pristine restorations. From esteemed auteurs like Bergman, Godard, and Kubrick to iconic actors such as Audrey Hepburn and Henry Fonda, The Criterion Channel lets you fully immerse yourself in cinema history.

Even better, they supplement the movies themselves with a trove of special features, including filmmaker interviews, commentaries, behind-the-scenes footage, video essays, and documentaries to provide illuminating context. For serious movie buffs, it's an unparalleled film studies course accessible from your screen of choice.

And with constantly updated collections and themed programming like neo-noir spotlights and director retrospectives, The Criterion Channel makes sure there’s always something new to discover in the world of artful cinema.

COST: 7 Day Free Trial

NOTE:Only available in certain countries

MUBI – An Ever-Changing Collection of Curated Cinema


While platforms like Netflix and Hulu seem intent on maximizing their total title count, MUBI takes the opposite approach for the better. MUBI’s streaming library remains intentionally small, comprising only 30 handpicked titles at a time. But their meticulous curation ensures that every single film is an exquisitely crafted gem worthy of appreciation.

MUBI’s team of human curators scans festivals, retrospectives, and repertory screenings around the world to select each month’s offerings. The titles range from awe-inspiring arthouse fare to riveting genre flicks, hailing from both emerging visionaries and legendary auteurs alike.

We’re MUBI, an online cinema made by people passionate about film, and we’ve just launched a brand spanking new PS3 experience and our first ever app for PS4. As you can imagine, we’re pretty stoked. We’ve been working like crazy to build an app that’s completely different to other streaming services and now we’re ready to share it with you.

Every day, one title leaves the collection while another exciting new film premieres, keeping the selection eclectic and fresh. There are always genuine cinematic discoveries waiting around the corner. And once you start a title, you have 30 days to finish watching before it expires.

This carefully curatorial approach makes MUBI the perfect antidote to the info overload of bigger platforms. Instead of endlessly scrolling through unfamiliar titles, MUBI provides a daily dose of pre-selected cinema magic.

COST: Around $11 per month

NOTE: Students get half price and Currently $1 for 1 month trial offer for all

RetroCrush – Vintage Anime and Nostalgic Cartoons


For animation aficionados, especially those with a penchant for retro nostalgia, the aptly named RetroCrush will feel like a blast to the past. As the first free, ad-supported streaming service for classic cartoons, RetroCrush boasts an enormous library brimming with childhood favorites.

RetroCrush’s catalog contains over 1000 hours of content, including beloved Saturday morning staples like He-Man, G.I. Joe, and Transformers. They also serve up vintage anime gems from the 60s through the 90s, letting you revisit genre-defining series like Robotech and Voltron.

From the trippy 70s psychedelia of The Fantastic Planet to the hand-drawn delights of The Adventures of Tintin, RetroCrush covers animation’s entire history. Their expertly categorized collections make it easy to find exactly the show to spark your nostalgia. It’ll send you on an instant time warp back to those perfect Saturday mornings parked in front of the TV.


NOTE: Only available in certain countries

IndieFlix – Community-Powered Independent Films


The wonderfully eclectic film and TV selection on IndieFlix gets decided by you, the viewers themselves. This streaming platform combines independent movies with a social experience by letting subscribers directly influence what content gets added.

Once you become a member, you can vote on films in consideration to guide selections and even submit your own short films or documentaries for inclusion. IndieFlix then takes community feedback into account when acquiring and licensing new titles.

Spanning undiscovered gems to festival award winners, IndieFlix’s member-driven library ranges from hard-hitting documentaries exposing social issues to uplifting stories celebrating the human spirit. Joining IndieFlix allows you to help boost diverse voices in cinema while enjoying an ever-expanding buffet of artistic visions outside the mainstream mold.

COST: Around $5 per month

NOTE: 7 Day FREE Trial offered

Kanopy – Enlightening Documentaries and Indie Films with Your Library Card


If you want to stream movies packed with insight and education beyond mere entertainment, Kanopy should be your first stop. They offer an acclaimed catalog of award-winning documentaries, enriching foreign films, and thought-provoking indie stories all completely free with your library card.

By collaborating with public libraries and universities, Kanopy provides access to over 30,000 titles encompassing essential cinema, new masterworks, and enlightening perspectives. From intimate character studies to deep historical analyses to expose ́s on critical current events, Kanopy aims to enrich minds as much as entertain them.

Their discerning selections include diverse festival favorites and critically revered films often unavailable on other services. Kanopy also houses the entire catalogs of respected distributors like A24, Paramount, and Criterion. Simply enter your library card to unlock a world of cinematic treasures certain to intrigue and enlighten.


NOTE: Works through the Library and limited plays per month per user

Classix – Handpicked Classics and Forgotten Gems


While Netflix and Amazon stock their virtual shelves with whatever licensed content they can get their hands on, Classix takes a focused approach in only spotlighting cinema's greatest hits.

The streamer provides access to over 150 expertly curated classic movies spanning every genre imaginable. From timeless romances like Casablanca to iconic sci-fi epics like 2001: A Space Odyssey, Classix's selections all stand the test of time as landmarks in film history.

In addition to unanimously agreed upon masterpieces, you'll also find forgotten gems and lesser-known classics highlighted like Carol Reed's crackling noir The Third Man or Powell and Pressburger's visually dazzling The Red Shoes. Every week new films get added to keep the lineup fresh.

For movie lovers looking to ensure they've seen cinema's key works without filler, Classix's handpicked collections offer an efficient crash course in the classics worthy of appreciation.

COST: FREE and Paid plan one off $3.99

NOTE: Android and iOS only

Plex – Thousands of Free Movies and TV Shows


As its bold name implies, WatchFree (Plex) grants you completely free access to thousands of movies across every conceivable genre. If you want an extensive streaming library rivaling giants like Netflix but don't want to pay a monthly fee, WatchFree is tough to top.

WatchFree's catalog spans classics of yesteryear, hidden gems of the 80s and 90s, and even surprisingly current theatrical releases. From iconic Hitchcock thrillers to cult sci-fi flicks to campy B-movie fare, you'll find it all here surprisingly free of charge.

There are a few trade-offs, mainly ads that periodically interrupt the experience. But that’s a small price to pay for getting such a deep well of free movies spanning eras and genres to entertain you however you want. When every title is up for grabs at no cost, it makes discovering new favorites a sheer delight.


NOTE: Ad interuptions


Yidio – Search Across Multiple Streaming Services


With new platforms emerging constantly, keeping track of where a specific movie or show streams can prove challenging. That's where a search aggregator like Yidio provides invaluable assistance.

Yidio allows you to simply enter any movie or TV title into their search bar, and it'll instantly scan through over 200 streaming services to locate where it's available. In seconds, you'll have visibility into what platforms both major and niche house the content so you can access it with optimal convenience.

From old favorites you want to rewatch to intriguing new discoveries, Yidio makes it easy to locate films and shows across an ocean of continually shifting streaming options. Their search capabilities help cut through the decision fatigue of choosing between endlessly multiplying streaming services.

While niche platforms provide exciting alternatives to mainstream fare, Yidio lets you easily navigate the increasingly fractured streaming landscape so you can actually find the gems.


NOTE: Content Scraper only - additional charges will be incurred


If the big Netflix's and Hulus of the world ever leave you bored and uninspired, look no further than these under-the-radar streaming platforms waiting to be discovered. Catering to every cinematic taste, they offer unlimited ways to not just watch movies but explore film as an artform.

Whether you’re rediscovering classics through new eyes, broadening your horizons via indie visions, or diving into obscurities beyond your wildest dreams, a whole universe of cinema awaits on these specialty streaming sites. So start streaming and enjoy the adventure!

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