Road House (1989) Cast Then and Now

Road House (1989) Cast Then and Now
Road House Cast of 1989 Updated

Road House is a 1989 American action film directed by Rowdy Herrington. Starring Patrick Swayze as James Dalton, a professional "cooler" hired to tame a rowdy bar in Missouri. The film also features Kelly Lynch, Sam Elliott, Ben Gazzara, and other memorable characters that have become cultural icons over the years.

More than 30 years later, let's take a look back at the Road House cast to see what they're up to now.

Patrick Swayze as James Dalton

Patrick Swayze

James Dalton is the legendary bouncer, portrayed by Patrick Swayze in Road House. With a degree in philosophy, Dalton approaches his job as a "cooler" with a zen-like calmness and collected demeanour.

"A cooler has to maintain the world he is responsible for, yet not partake in its excesses." - James Dalton

Swayze was already well-known at the time for hit films like Dirty Dancing, delivering yet another iconic performance in Road House.

  • Born in 1952, Swayze was 37 years old while filming the movie
  • He received multiple award nominations for his performance
  • He became widely regarded as one of the best bouncers in cinematic history
  • He continued acting in major films until his death from cancer in 2009 at age 57

Over 30 years after Road House's debut, Patrick Swayze's portrayal of Dalton remains legendary. Though gone too soon, his indelible performances ensure his cinematic legacy will stretch on for decades.

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Kelly Lynch as Dr. Elizabeth "Doc" Clay

Kelly Lynch

Doc is the local physician who finds herself drawn to enigmatic cooler James Dalton, despite initial reservations regarding his violent profession. She becomes an anchor for Dalton as events spiral out of control with corrupt businessman Brad Wesley.

  • Born in 1959, Lynch was 30 years old during filming
  • Already known for films like Cocktail and Bright Lights, Big City
  • Went on to roles in films like Drugstore Cowboy and Charlie's Angels
  • Remains actively working today at age 65, taking on projects in film and television

Nearly 35 years since first igniting on-screen chemistry with Patrick Swayze, Kelly Lynch maintains a robust acting career, forever cemented in pop culture history through her standout performance in Road House.

Sam Elliott as Wade Garrett

Sam Elliott

Wade Garrett is Dalton's seasoned bouncer friend who comes to his aid but quickly runs into trouble with Brad Wesley's criminal operation. Known for his signature thick mustache and western drawl, Elliott imbues Wade with a gritty charm.

  • "I thought you'd be bigger." - Wade Garrett, upon meeting Dalton
  • Born in 1944, Elliott was 45 while filming Road House
  • Already known for westerns and his iconic mustache
  • Experienced a career resurgence in his 70s with award-nominated performances
  • Currently age 80, his distinctive voice and swagger are still going strong

Elliott's grizzled performance made Wade an instant fan favorite. Now 80 years old, his career is still as fiery as ever - proving some bouncers improve perfectly with age.

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Ben Gazzara as Brad Wesley

Ben Gazzara

As Road House's main antagonist, Ben Gazzara plays Brad Wesley - the wealthy extortionist who runs the town through threats and violence. Wesley maintains an affluent veneer, but rules through fear and intimidation.

  • "This is my town." - Brad Wesley
  • Born 1930, Gazzara was 59 during filming
  • Established actor known for acclaimed performances
  • Appeared in classic films like Anatomy of a Murder and The Big Lebowski
  • Remained an active performer until his death from cancer in 2012 at age 81

Gazzara's powerful performance channels both sophistication and menace, crafting an iconic villain that underscores exactly why Dalton is brought in to handle this rowdytown.

Marshall R. Teague as Jimmy

Marshall R. Teague

Marshall Teague plays Jimmy, the main henchman enforcing Wesley's criminal orders through violence and murder. Jimmy spearheads efforts to intimidate businesses into paying Wesley for dubious "protection services."

  • "I used to stack fucks like you five feet high in Korea... use ya for sandbags." - Jimmy
  • Born 1953, making Teague 36 during filming
  • Became a prolific character actor in action films
  • Appeared in Navy Seals, The Rock, and Armageddon among others
  • Remains active on screen today at age 71

Teague embraces the villain role with menacing glee - crafting a foe bristling with explosive potential to clash with Dalton's zen control.

Memorable Supporting Cast

Beyond the main stars, the supporting cast feature Beloved characters that leave memorable impressions:

Kevin Tighe as Frank Tillman

Kevin Tighe

The local businessman and auto parts store owner who is in league with Brad Wesley. Born in 1944, Kevin Tighe, the actor who played Frank Tillman, was 45 years old in 1989 and is currently 80 years old.

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Julie Michaels as Denise

Julie Michaels

The young Double Deuce bartender who befriends Dalton. Born in 1970, Michaels was only 19 playing a world-weary bartender wise beyond her years.

Red West as Red Webster

Red West

An employee of Brad Wesley, involved in his criminal activities. Veteran actor West imbued Red with grit until his death in 2017.

Jeff Healey as Cody

Jeff Healey

The blind guitarist who regularly performs electrifying sets at the Double Deuce with an unforgettable sound. Healey's stellar guitar work shreds across the film's soundtrack.

Jeff Healey was a Canadian jazz and blues-rock vocalist, guitarist, and songwriter. He lost his sight during early childhood due to a rare form of eye cancer. Healey became known for his unique style of playing the guitar, which he placed flat on his lap.

Keith David as Ernie Bass

Keith David

The local bartender and Dalton’s close friend who helps him stand against Wesley’s criminal empire. David’s soulful presence grounded the film in reality.

Kathleen Wilhoite as Carrie Ann

Kathleen Wilhoite

Another Double Deuce employee and Denise’s best friend. Wilhoite brought endearing humor to this small-town girl role.

John Doe as Pat McGurn

John Doe

Another of Wesley’s thugs engaged in intimidation tactics against local businesses. Doe lending his punk rock edge to the role.

Terry Funk as Morgan

Terry Funk

Wesley’s towering chief henchman who exerts brute force to carry out his orders. Veteran wrestler Funk brought imposing physicality to the role.

Road House Legacy

“Pain don't hurt.” - Dalton

With its stellar cast, quotable dialogue, and explosive action, Road House persists as an enduring fan favorite. Though decades have passed since they first brawled across that rowdy bar, the film continues finding new fans ready to rediscover its gritty magic.

Through tragedy and triumph, the cast of Road House made cinematic history - cementing Dalton, Doc, Wade, and Brad Wesley as timeless cultural icons charging with electricity across the screen. Their undeniable chemistry and stellar performances ensure Road House will never truly fade away.


Why was Patrick Swayze not in Road House 2?

Patrick Swayze, who played the lead character Dalton in the original "Road House," did not appear in "Road House 2" due to creative differences. The character originally supposed to be James Dalton was changed to Shane Tanner, played by Johnathon Schaech.

What actress was replaced in Road House?

In "Road House 2," the character of Nate Tanner was originally supposed to be James Dalton, Patrick Swayze's character from the first "Road House" (1989), but the character was changed. The role of Nate Tanner was then portrayed by Will Patton.

Where is Brad Wesley's house from Road House?

The filming of "Road House 2" took place in various locations. However, the specific location of Brad Wesley's house from the original "Road House" is not explicitly mentioned in the available sources.

Who is Steve's girl in Road House?

In the original "Road House" (1989), the character Steve's girl is named Denise, who is portrayed by Julie Michaels.

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