See The Cast Of The Crow (1994) Then and Now

See The Cast Of The Crow (1994) Then and Now
The Crow (1994) Cast Then and Now

Remember that eerie caw of a crow echoing through the mean city streets back in '94? That was The Crow swooping into theatres—a gritty, supernatural vengeance flick unlike anything else out there. Director Alex Proyas crafted one grungy cult classic that burrowed its way into moviegoers' minds and souls. No small thanks goes to the killer ensemble cast who made those edgy characters pop off the screen.

Flash forward to 2024, and it's wild to think The Crow is pushing 30 years old now. But its staying power just goes to show the movie tapped into something timeless with its dark themes and standout acting. So let's take a little trip down memory lane, shall we? A look at where the cast was back when The Crow first took flight in '94 and a peek at how old they'd be rocking it in 2024.

I've taken the liberty to throw in the Soundtrack to get those nostalgic juices flowing. One of the greats!

Brandon Lee (Eric Draven)

Age in 1993: Age 28

Died in 1993: Age 28

In a tragic twist of fate, Brandon Lee, the talented actor who portrayed Eric Draven, was only 28 years old when the film was released in 1994. His untimely demise during the production cast a sombre shadow over the project, forever etching his name in cinematic history.

Had fate not intervened, Brandon Lee would have been 58 years old in 2024, potentially at the prime of his career. Alas, his life was cut short, leaving us to wonder what heights he might have reached.

In his bluray commentary, Alex Proyas said that Brandon Lee was unhappy with the way his face paint looked when the makeup department applied it to him before shooting. Lee and Proyas then agreed that it would look best if Lee applied his own makeup every night before going to bed so that when he woke up his face paint would naturally look more worn out.

Michael Wincott (Top Dollar)

Age in 1994: 42

Age in 2024: 72

Michael Wincott played the villainous crime lord Top Dollar in the 1994 film The Crow. Top Dollar was the leader of an inner-city gang who was responsible for the murder of Eric Draven (played by Brandon Lee) and his fiancée. Wincott portrayed Top Dollar as a cold, merciless criminal kingpin with occult leanings who performed a supernatural ritual to become practically immortal. His chilling performance as the main antagonist made him a memorable part of the dark, gothic comic book movie.

Rochelle Davis (Sarah)

Age in 1994: 14

Age in 2024: 44

Rochelle Davis played Sarah, one of the key supporting characters, in the 1994 film The Crow. Sarah helped guide Eric as he sought vengeance against the crime lord Top Dollar and his men for the murders of Eric and his fiancée. Davis brought a combination of vulnerability and grit to her portrayal of Sarah, who provided crucial aid and loyalty to the avenging anti-hero Draven. Her performance contributed to the film's blending of darkness and hope.

Ernie Hudson (Sergeant Albrecht)

Age in 1994: 49

Age in 2024: 79

As the determined police sergeant investigating the bizarre string of deaths linked to Draven's vengeance, Hudson's Albrecht represented the grounded, real-world perspective. While initially dismissive of any supernatural elements, the no-nonsense Albrecht was forced to grapple with forces beyond his understanding. Hudson's solid supporting turn added realism and humanity amidst the gothic fantasy.

(at around 26 mins) According to Jon PolitoBrandon Lee cut himself when he broke the glass in Gideon's shop. The glass was breakaway glass and it is very rare for anyone to get cut by it. Polito said that he told Lee that he feared Lee would die in an on-set accident like Vic Morrow did during filming of Twilight Zone: The Movie (1983). Unfortunately, Polito's prediction turned out to be true.

Bai Ling (Myca)

Age in 1994: 19

Age in 2024: 49

Though in a relatively small role, Bai Ling made a striking impression as Myca - Top Dollar's feral, lethal assassin with preternatural martial arts skills. Her vicious fight scenes highlighted the formidable adversaries Draven faced.

Sofia Shinas (Shelly Webster)

Age in 1994: 26

Age in 2024: 56

Sofia Shinas played Shelly Webster, the fiancée of Eric Draven, whose brutal murder alongside Draven's sets the events of the film in motion. Though only appearing in flashback scenes and briefly after her death, Shelly's warm spirit and loving relationship with Draven provide the emotional core that drives his resurrection and vengeance quest against the criminals who killed them. Shinas imbued Shelly with an innate decency and kindness that made her senseless death all the more tragic, and Draven's mission to avenge her felt righteous. Her presence loomed large, despite her limited screen time.

Anna Thomson (Darla)

Age in 1994: 41

Age in 2024: 71

Anna Thomson played Darla. She was also the absent mother to Sarah. Eric tries to get Darla clean so she can return to her daughter.

Director Alex Proyas originally wanted to shoot the entire movie in "black and white" closer to the comics and only using color in Draven's flash backs scenes with high contrast theme, but the studio executives didn't allow him to experiment with approach. This made Proyas shoot much of the movie in a monochromatic color theme mixed with red and dark gray.

David Patrick Kelly (T-Bird)

Age in 1994: 44

Age in 2024: 74

David Patrick Kelly played T-Bird, one of the thugs in crime lord Top Dollar's gang who was involved in the murders of Eric Draven and his fiancée Shelly. Kelly imbued T-Bird with a sleazy, unhinged menace that made him particularly repulsive. As Draven enacted his supernatural vengeance, Kelly's T-Bird emerged as one of the more depraved and dangerous of Top Dollar's henchmen that Draven had to overcome. Kelly's unsettling portrayal, complete with leering perversity and sadistic glee, made T-Bird's inevitable violent comeuppance at Draven's hands feel all the more satisfying for audiences. His disquieting performance as the deranged T-Bird contributed to the gritty, gothic tone of the cult-classic comic book adaptation.

Laurence Mason (Tin Tin)

Age in 1994: 29

Age in 2024: 59

Laurence Mason portrayed Tin Tin as an utterly depraved and sadistic member of the gang that brutally attacked Eric Draven and his fiancée, Shelly. Tin Tin was one of the main perpetrators, violently slashing Shelly and licking the blood off his knife with sickening glee. When Draven walked in on the horrific scene, Tin Tin reacted by throwing a knife to disable him, before restraining Draven so the other gang members could take turns shooting him in the chest and throwing him out the window to his death. Mason's chilling performance captured the utter moral depravity and inhumanity of Tin Tin's character, making him one of the most vile villains Draven had to overcome in his quest for vengeance against those responsible for the heinous crimes.

Michael Massee (Funboy)

Age in 1994: 39

Died in 2016: Age 64

Michael Massee played the sadistic Funboy, one of the vile gang members who brutally attacked and murdered Eric Draven and his fiancée. Massee's chilling performance captured Funboy's utter depravity and lack of humanity. Tragically, Massee was also involved in the accidental on-set shooting that killed lead actor Brandon Lee during filming. Despite his small role, Funboy emerged as one of the most despicable villains Draven faced in his dark vengeance quest.

Although he was not at fault for the death of Brandon LeeMichael Massee stopped acting for a year because he was so traumatized by the incident. (His next film was a small role in Se7en (1995).) Up until his death in 2016, he had never watched the film.

Tony Todd (Grange)

Age in 1994: 40

Age in 2024: 70

Tony Todd brought an intimidating presence as Grange, Top Dollar's imposing supernatural enforcer. With his towering stature and menacing aura, Todd's limited but impactful performance hinted at Grange's occult abilities. He remained an ominous, formidable adversary for Eric Draven during his vengeful quest against Top Dollar's criminal empire. Despite a supporting role, Grange added to the film's gothic, comic book atmosphere.

As we wrap up looking back at The Crow, there's no doubt that this film made a huge impression that stuck around for audiences everywhere. The movie's staying power all these years later shows just how talented and hardworking the cast was—their performances seriously hold up. Whether you're a diehard Crow fan from way back or someone brand new to this cult favourite, taking another look at the key players is a reminder of why movies can leave such a meaningful mark when the storytelling really hits home. Great films like this one have a way of leaving a piece of themselves with you long after the credits roll.


How can I watch The Crow?

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What happened to Rochelle Davis from The Crow?

  • Rochelle Davis, who played Sarah in The Crow, left acting after the film and has since led a private life. She has not appeared in any other movies or TV shows.

Who played Sarah's mom in The Crow?

  • The character of Sarah's mother was played by Sofia Shinas in The Crow.

How many different Crow movies are there?

  • There are four Crow movies in total. The first one, The Crow, was released in 1994. It was followed by The Crow: City of Angels (1996), The Crow: Salvation (2000), and The Crow: Wicked Prayer (2005).

Who replaced Brandon Lee in The Crow?

  • No one replaced Brandon Lee in The Crow. After his tragic death during filming, the production used a combination of stunt doubles and CGI to complete his remaining scenes. However, the film was dedicated to his memory.