Top 10 Best Movies with Will Geer

Top 10 Best Movies with Will Geer
Will Geer Top 10 Movies Ranked

Renowned character actor Will Geer left a remarkable imprint on American cinema thanks to his memorable performances in films across multiple decades. From his early western roles to later critically acclaimed dramas, Geer’s extraordinary acting talents shined through in each part he played. In this article, we will count down the top 10 best movies featuring Will Geer and explore why his performances in each made them standout entries in his impressive filmography.

10.Union Pacific (1939)

Union Pacific (1939)

Kicking off the list is the grand-scale western "Union Pacific," featuring one of Geer's earliest roles, where his presence demonstrated the promise of his later iconic performances. Set during the monumental construction of the First Transcontinental Railroad, Geer plays a determined railroad worker adding gravitas to this historical epic. His grounded performance complements the grandeur and action of the production.

9.The Reivers (1969)

The Reivers (1969)

Geer crafted an eccentric, scene-stealing character in the coming-of-age comedy "The Reivers." As the quirky, enigmatic Lucious, he utilized clever riddles and a puzzling demeanor to mesmerize audiences. Despite limited screen time, Geer managed to captivate in every scene, flaunting his talent for building colorful personalities. His flair shone brightly in this humorous tale.

8.Salt of the Earth (1954)

Salt of the Earth (1954)

The socially conscious drama "Salt of the Earth" featured one of Geer's most powerful roles, as a champion of solidarity amongst miners fighting for their rights. His empathetical portrayal of the steadfast union leader enhanced the film's messages of justice and resilience. Geer's principled performance reflected his real-life dedication to advancing social change.


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7.Broken Arrow (1950)

Broken Arrow (1950)

In the groundbreaking western "Broken Arrow," Geer took on the dignified role of Apache chief Santos with nuance and respect. His progressive portrayal pushed back against stereotypes and brought authentic humanity to Native American characters. Geer’s acting conveyed the wisdom and integrity of Santos, enhancing the film's examination of prejudice and peace.

6.Lust for Gold (1949)

Lust for Gold (1949)

Though in a supporting part, Geer displayed his magnetism alongside Ida Lupino in "Lust for Gold." As wry prospector Pete, his charisma leapt off the screen amidst the desert vistas. Geer added moments of humor and pragmatism to the treasure hunt, demonstrating his skill for character work and scene-stealing performances.

5.Winchester '73 (1950)

Winchester '73 (1950)

Geer brought grit and gravity to the western epic "Winchester '73" as the dutiful Doc McAdam. His steadfast presence grounded the film’s gun-slinging drama and sprawling landscapes. Geer's understated yet strong performance served as the story's moral anchor, making it an exemplary early showcase of his talents.

4.Seconds (1966)

Seconds (1966)

The psychological thriller "Seconds" presented Geer with a complex role that he tackled with finesse. As part of a twisting narrative exploring identity and morality, Geer’s nuanced performance added intrigue and depth. His willingness to explore diverse characters shone through in this thought-provoking tale.


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3.Jeremiah Johnson (1972)

Jeremiah Johnson (1972)

Geer displayed wonderful chemistry and charm alongside Robert Redford in the adventure saga “Jeremiah Johnson.” As the affable and wise trapper Bear Claw Chris Lapp, he provided wholesome mentorship and dashes of humor.

Geer's scenes around the campfire came across as utterly genuine, contributing to the film's warm spirit.

2.In Cold Blood (1967)

In Cold Blood (1967)

As the empathetic investigator Alvin Dewey in the stark crime drama "In Cold Blood," Geer gave one of his most powerful and nuanced performances. His ability to convey emotion subtly yet impactfully amplified the film's examination of morality. Geer managed to ground the chilling true story in heartfelt humanity through his acting.


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Advise & Consent (1962)

In the political thriller "Advise & Consent," Geer took top billing as the esteemed Senator Seab Cooley, a pillar of integrity. His gravitas in the story's most heated moments spoke volumes about his character's steadfast principles. Geer's work earned him great acclaim for its compelling presence and moral fortitude. His performance represents Geer's talents at their pinnacle.

With his dedication to honesty and humanity in acting, Will Geer created an extraordinary repertoire across stage and cinema. His memorable performances not only enthralled audiences but also enriched thought-provoking stories. Geer’s passion for the arts and social progress made him a Hollywood icon who shall continue inspiring generations. The stellar films on this list demonstrate his exceptional range and ability to wholly inhabit any character and genre. When reflecting on classic Hollywood’s great character actors, Will Geer surely will be remembered as a legend of the silver screen.

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