RoboCop (1987) Actors Updated: Then and Now

RoboCop (1987) Actors Updated: Then and Now
RoboCop Cast Updated

RoboCop, the 1987 science fiction film directed by Paul Verhoeven, remains a timeless classic in the genre. The movie not only captivated audiences with its gripping story and intense action sequences but also introduced us to a talented cast of actors who brought the iconic characters to life. In this blog post, we delve into the lives and careers of the esteemed RoboCop cast members, tracing their journey from the release of the film in 1987 to the present day. Join us as we uncover what these talented actors have been up to, both on and off the screen, and celebrate the enduring impact they have made in the world of cinema. From Peter Weller's portrayal of the titular cyborg law enforcement officer to the unforgettable performances of Nancy Allen, Ronny Cox, and more, let's explore the fascinating trajectories of the RoboCop cast and discover where they are now.

Peter Weller as Alex Murphy/RoboCop

  • Age at film release (1987): 40
  • Current age: 76

Peter Weller portrayed the iconic character of Alex Murphy, a dedicated police officer who is brutally murdered and subsequently transformed into the cyborg law enforcement officer known as RoboCop. Weller's performance brought a perfect blend of humanity and robotic precision to the role, making RoboCop a beloved character. Since the release of the film, Weller has had a successful acting career, appearing in various movies and television shows. He has also ventured into directing and teaching, sharing his expertise with aspiring filmmakers and actors.

Peter Weller

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Nancy Allen as Anne Lewis

  • Age at film release (1987): 37
  • Current age: 73

Nancy Allen portrayed Anne Lewis, a skilled and loyal police officer who becomes RoboCop's trusted partner and ally. Anne Lewis was known for her bravery, resourcefulness, and unwavering commitment to justice. After her role in "RoboCop," Nancy Allen continued to act in numerous films and TV series. However, she gradually shifted her focus to behind-the-scenes work, including producing and directing. Allen has also been involved in philanthropic endeavours, supporting causes such as animal welfare and environmental conservation.

Nancy Allen
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Dan O'Herlihy as The Old Man

  • Age at film release (1987): 68
  • Current age: Deceased (Died age 85 in 2005)

Dan O'Herlihy portrayed the character known as The Old Man, the wise and influential head of the Omni Consumer Products (OCP) corporation. His character played a pivotal role in the creation and deployment of RoboCop. O'Herlihy's portrayal added gravitas to the film, and his performance was widely acclaimed. Unfortunately, Dan O'Herlihy passed away in 2005 at the age of 85, leaving behind a remarkable legacy in the world of film and television.

Dan O'Herlihy

Ronny Cox as Dick Jones

  • Age at film release (1987): 49
  • Current age: 85

Ronny Cox portrayed Dick Jones, a powerful and corrupt executive at OCP who plays a central role in the plot of "RoboCop." Jones is responsible for the creation of the ED-209 enforcement droid and has his own nefarious agenda. Ronny Cox delivered a memorable performance as the antagonist, capturing the ruthlessness and ambition of the character. Following "RoboCop," Cox continued to act in various film and television projects, showcasing his versatility as an actor. He also pursued his passion for music, releasing several albums as a singer-songwriter.

Ronny Cox

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Kurtwood Smith as Clarence Boddicker

  • Age at film release (1987): 44
  • Current age: 80

Kurtwood Smith portrayed the sadistic and ruthless criminal Clarence Boddicker in "RoboCop." Boddicker was the primary antagonist and a key figure in the film's criminal underworld. Smith's portrayal of Boddicker was chilling and memorable, leaving a lasting impact on audiences. After "RoboCop," Kurtwood Smith enjoyed a successful acting career, appearing in numerous films and television shows (That 70s Show). He is known for his versatility and has portrayed a wide range of characters across various genres.

Kurtwood Smith

Miguel Ferrer as Bob Morton

  • Age at film release (1987): 32
  • Current age: Deceased (Died age 61 in 2017)

Miguel Ferrer portrayed Bob Morton, a driven and ambitious executive at OCP who plays a crucial role in the development of RoboCop. Morton is responsible for the creation of the RoboCop program and becomes entangled in corporate politics. Ferrer's performance brought a sense of charisma and complexity to the character. Unfortunately, Miguel Ferrer passed away in 2017 at an unknown age, leaving behind a diverse body of work that showcased his talent as an actor.

Miguel Ferrer

Robert DoQui as Sgt. Reed

  • Age at film release (1987): 53
  • Current age: Deceased (Died age 73 in 2008)

Robert DoQui portrayed Sgt. Reed, a veteran police officer and mentor to Alex Murphy. Sgt. Reed provides guidance and support to Murphy throughout his transformation into RoboCop. DoQui's portrayal added depth and warmth to the character, leaving a lasting impression on audiences. Sadly, Robert DoQui passed away in 2008 at an unknown age, but his contributions to the world of film and television remain cherished.

Robert DoQui

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Ray Wise as Leon Nash

  • Age at film release (1987): 40
  • Current age: 76

Ray Wise portrayed Leon Nash, one of Clarence Boddicker's henchmen, in "RoboCop." Nash is a ruthless criminal who engages in violent activities and poses a significant threat to the city. Wise's performance showcased his ability to portray sinister characters effectively. Since his role in "RoboCop," Ray Wise has continued to act in various film and television projects, displaying his range as an actor across different genres. He has amassed an impressive body of work and remains a respected figure in the industry.

Ray Wise

Paul McCrane as Emil Antonowsky

  • Age at film release (1987): 26
  • Current age: 62

Paul McCrane portrayed Emil Antonowsky, one of Clarence Boddicker's henchmen and a ruthless criminal. Emil is known for his violent tendencies and lack of empathy. McCrane's performance added a sense of intensity and unpredictability to the character. Following "RoboCop," Paul McCrane has continued his acting career, appearing in various films, TV shows (E.R. - 126 Episodes!), and stage productions. He has also ventured into directing and has earned recognition for his work behind the camera.

Paul McCrane

The cast of "RoboCop" brought these memorable characters to life, captivating audiences with their performances. Although some of the actors have passed away, their contributions to the film industry and their respective legacies endure. The characters they portrayed in "RoboCop" remain iconic, and the film itself continues to be celebrated as a sci-fi classic.

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