Unveiling The Lost Boys Cast: Then and Now

Unveiling The Lost Boys Cast: Then and Now
The Lost Boys Cast Update

The Lost Boys is a 1987 American horror film that became an instant cult classic. Directed by Joel Schumacher, the film tells the story of two brothers who move to a new town in California and end up fighting a gang of teenage vampires. With its young cast, stylish aesthetic, and mix of horror, comedy, and rock music, The Lost Boys was a defining film of the 1980s.

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Over 30 years later, The Lost Boys remains beloved by fans and is still influencing pop culture today. Let's take a look at where the cast of this iconic movie is now.


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Jason Patric as Michael Emerson

Jason Patric as Michael Emerson

Jason Patric played Michael Emerson, one of the two brothers at the heart of The Lost Boys story. After moving to the fictional town of Santa Carla with his younger brother Sam and mother Lucy, Michael encounters the mysterious gang led by David and soon learns they are vampires.

Here are some key facts about Jason Patric's career and life today:

  • Early Life: Born in 1966 in Queens, New York. Son of actor/playwright Jason Miller.
  • Breakthrough Role: The Lost Boys was Patric's first major film and launched his career.
  • Recent Work: Appeared in indie films like The Outsider (2018) and Broadway production of What The Constitution Means To Me (2019).
  • Personal Life: Divorced from Robin Wright (1999). Son with girlfriend Danielle Schreiber.

Though The Lost Boys was his breakout, Patric has gone on to perform in a wide range of roles across film, television, and theatre. Fans may recognise him from movies like Sleepers, Your Friends & Neighbours, and The Losers. He continues to take on acting projects in his 50s.

Corey Haim as Sam Emerson

Corey Haim as Sam Emerson

Corey Haim took on the role of Sam Emerson, Michael's younger brother, who teams up with the Frog brothers to hunt vampires. With his floppy hair, colourful clothes, and snarky attitude, Sam became one of the most beloved characters.

  • Child Star: Haim started acting in TV shows as a child, like Firstborn (1984).
  • '80s Films: Known for teen movies like Lucas (1986), License to Drive (1988), and Dream a Little Dream (1989).
  • Later Career: Continued acting in direct-to-video films before his death.
  • Personal Struggles: Battled substance abuse issues for many years. Died in 2010 at age 38.

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Like many child stars, Haim struggled later in life. But in the 1980s, he was one of the most in-demand teen heartthrobs with a promising career ahead of him. His performance as Sam is still remembered as one of his best.

Dianne Wiest as Lucy Emerson

Dianne Wiest as Lucy Emerson

Dianne Wiest took on the role of Lucy Emerson, the mother of Michael and Sam who moves them to Santa Carla after her divorce. Though naive about the town's dangers at first, she soon steps up to help fight the vampires.

  • Theater Background: Got her start on stage in the 1970s. Won Tony for Best Featured Actress in 1984.
  • Acclaimed Films: Won Oscars for Hannah and Her Sisters (1986) and Bullets Over Broadway (1994).
  • Later Roles: Appeared in films like Edward Scissorhands (1990), The Birdcage (1996), and Rabbit Hole (2010).
  • Stage & Television: Continues performing, including roles on Hannibal and Law & Order.

Wiest was already an acclaimed actress when she took on the supporting role in The Lost Boys. Known for her work with Woody Allen, she is regarded as one of the best character actors around today, with over 140 film and television credits.

Kiefer Sutherland as David

Kiefer Sutherland as David

As the enigmatic leader of the vampire gang, Kiefer Sutherland's David was the big bad of The Lost Boys. With his iconic spiked blonde hair, long black trench coat, and menacing charisma, David struck fear into the hearts of Michael and Sam.

  • Hollywood Legacy: Son of actor Donald Sutherland, started acting as a teen.
  • 1980s Films: Appeared in Stand By Me (1986) and Young Guns (1988).
  • Breakout Hit: Reached global fame as Jack Bauer in 24 (2001-2010).
  • Recent Work: Currently stars as President Kirkman in Designated Survivor.
  • Music Career: Formed the country band Ironworks with Jude Cole in 2016.

Sutherland has gone on to become one of the most successful television stars around. Though he will always be remembered for playing the villainous David, he has taken on a wide range of roles across mediums in a career spanning over 40 years.

Jami Gertz as Star

Jami Gertz as Star

Jami Gertz played the mysterious beauty Star, who Michael falls for in The Lost Boys. As one of David's vampire followers, Star wants to escape but also struggles with her desires for blood and violence.

  • Early Modeling: Worked as a teen model before transitioning into acting.
  • 1980s Fame: Appeared in popular films like Sixteen Candles (1984), Less Than Zero (1987), and later in the 90's blockbuster, Twister (1996).
  • Television Career: Had lead roles in shows like The Single Guy (1995-1997) and Still Standing (2002-2006).
  • Recent Work: Works steadily in television, including recurring role on This Is Us (2019-2022).
  • Business Ventures: Co-owner of the NBA's Atlanta Hawks with her husband.

Though she hasn't acted as much recently, Gertz has transitioned into a successful businesswoman and philanthropist. She serves on the board of directors for several charitable organizations.


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Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog

Corey Feldman as Edgar Frog

As Edgar Frog, one of the vampire hunting Frog brothers, Corey Feldman got to play the hero riding in to help save Michael and Sam. Edgar provided much of the humour alongside his brother Alan.

  • Child Star: Appeared in classic '80s films like Gremlins (1984), The Goonies (1985), Stand By Me (1986).
  • Music Career: Forms hip hop duo with Corey Haim in the late 80s. Still records and performs music today.
  • Reality Television: Appeared on The Surreal Life (2003) and other reality shows.
  • Personal Struggles: Open about his experiences with abuse as a child actor and drug addiction.
  • Recent Work: Reprised his Lost Boys role in the 2008 sequel Lost Boys: The Tribe.

Like Haim, Feldman has been through highly publicized struggles and controversy in adulthood. But his performance as the wacky, scene-stealing Edgar Frog remains one of his most memorable.

Jamison Newlander as Alan Frog

Jamison Newlander as Alan Frog

Jamison Newlander completed the Frog brothers duo as Alan Frog. As Edgar's more reserved brother, Alan provided the perfect comic foil. The brothers rode in on their bicycles and comic book knowledge to help fight the vampires.

  • Early Success: The Lost Boys was Newlander's film debut.
  • Later Career: Reprised his Alan Frog role in the 2008 sequel Lost Boys: The Tribe. Has worked steadily in small film and television roles.
  • Recent Projects: Appeared in independent films like The Devil's Dozen (2013) and Too Late (2015).
  • Personal Life: Lives a quiet life focused on his family and working with at-risk youth when not acting.

After getting his start in The Lost Boys, Newlander has maintained an active acting career in smaller indie productions and on television. Reprising Alan Frog gave him a chance to come full circle.

Edward Herrmann as Max

Edward Herrmann as Max

Veteran actor Edward Herrmann took on the role of Max, who seems like a kind local video store owner. But in reality, Max is the head vampire responsible for turning David and the others.

  • Distinguished Career: Earned Tony nomination in 1976 for Mrs. Warren's Profession.
  • Memorable Roles: Appeared in films like The Great Waldo Pepper (1975), Annie (1982), and Nixon (1995).
  • Television Fame: Best known as Richard Gilmore on Gilmore Girls (2000-2007).
  • Later Work: Did voice work and made many TV guest appearances until his death in 2014.
  • Legacy: Herrmann's extensive career included over 200 combined film and television credits.

Herrmann's Max used his amiability and kind grandfather persona to hide his dark nature. The actor's long, varied career demonstrated his immense talent.


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Brooke McCarter as Paul

Brooke McCarter as Paul

Brooke McCarter played Paul, the Lost Boys member who meets a grisly end in the film. Paul goes out alone one night and returns mortally wounded after a run-in with werewolves, showing the high stakes dangers of being a vampire.

  • Early Career: The Lost Boys was McCarter's first major film role after mostly commercial work.
  • 1980s Films: Went on to appear in movies like Thrashin' (1986) and The Blob (1988).
  • Music: Had a brief music career, releasing the single "Take It Easy" in 1987.
  • Later Life: Left acting and lived overseas for many years before passing away from liver failure in 2015.

McCarter's promising career stalled after The Lost Boys, though he found cult success with his top 40 song "Take It Easy." His early death at 52 cut short his artistic journey.

Barnard Hughes as Grandpa

Barnard Hughes as Grandpa

Veteran character actor Barnard Hughes portrayed Grandpa, Lucy's father who arrives to help take care of his grandsons. While the others think Grandpa is senile at first, he's actually wise about the vampires.

  • Early Theater: Hughes got his professional acting start on Broadway in the 1940s.
  • Film Success: Earned acclaim in movies like Midnight Cowboy (1969) and The Lost Boys (1987).
  • Later Career: Best known as Dr. Joe on TV's Blossom (1991-1995) in his later years.
  • Awards: Won a Tony in 1973 for Da. Nominated for two Emmys for guest actor roles.
  • Death and Legacy: Died in 2006 at age 90. Had a career spanning over 60 years.

Hughes brought heart and humor to the role of Grandpa in The Lost Boys. His vast career demonstrated exceptional talent across mediums.

Billy Wirth as Dwayne

Billy Wirth as Dwayne

As the brooding and moody Dwayne, one of David's vampire followers, Billy Wirth left an impression with his limited dialogue. Dwayne met a fiery end after being pushed into a stereo speaker by Edgar Frog.

  • 1980s Films: Had roles in popular '80s movies like Seven Minutes in Heaven (1985) and Lost Boys (1987).
  • Diverse Roles: Went on to appear in Of Mice and Men (1992) and The Bodyguard (1992).
  • Recent Work: Takes on indie film and television roles. Appeared in the 2017 Twin Peaks revival.
  • Other Pursuits: Practices boxing and sculpture in his spare time when not acting.

Though he hasn't acted as much recently, Wirth continues to play the occasional role. Fans may recognize him for his guest appearance in the 2017 Twin Peaks series.

Alex Winter as Marko

Alex Winter as Marko

Alex Winter portrayed Marko, another of David's followers. Marko is ultimately impaled and killed by Sam and the Frog brothers when they invade the vampire lair.

  • Early Career: The Lost Boys was one of Winter's first movies.
  • Bill & Ted Franchise: Reached mainstream fame as Bill alongside Keanu Reeves. Played Bill in Bill & Ted's Excellent Adventure (1989) and Bill & Ted's Bogus Journey (1991).
  • Recent Work: Directed the documentary Deep Web (2015) and Showbiz Kids (2020).
  • 2021 Return as Bill: Reprised his iconic Bill role in Bill & Ted Face the Music, now in middle age.

Winter has transitioned successfully into directing and documentary filmmaking in recent years. But he'll always have a place in fans' hearts as Bill S. Preston Esq. of Bill & Ted fame.


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It's incredible to look back on this group of young actors that came together and created such a memorable film that still entertains audiences today. Wherever their lives and careers have taken them since, The Lost Boys remains an iconic moment in time. Fans will never forget these actors' performances that made the film so magical.

While decades have passed since this cast battled vampires together on the screen, The Lost Boys' influence persists. It represents a definitive snapshot of the youth, music, and culture of the 1980s. And it served as a launching pad for many promising careers.

The Lost Boys Legacy

Looking at where all the cast members are today, it's clear many have gone on to great success across the entertainment industry. Though sadly, some like Corey Haim and Edward Herrmann have passed away, their talent lives on through their iconic roles.

The Lost Boys itself continues to captivate new generations of viewers. In many ways, this vampire story was ahead of its time. It broke the mold with fresh humor and style. And it gave audiences complex teenage characters dealing with universal feelings of alienation and growing up.

Why The Lost Boys Endures

Here are some of the key reasons this 1980s cult classic remains relevant today:

  • The youthful cast's performances and chemistry
  • Mix of horror, comedy, romance, and adventure
  • Killer 1980s soundtrack including "Cry Little Sister"
  • Groundbreaking portrayal of teenage vampires
  • Inspired comic book and horror movie references
  • Timeless coming of age themes about family and finding identity
  • Unique Santa Cruz boardwalk setting that feels like a character itself
  • Memorable style from costumes to the cave lair to motorcycle stunts
  • Key role in launching the careers of future stars

The Lost Boys stands the test of time because it taps into the zeitgeist of its era while telling a story that still resonates across generations. Its hip young vampires made supernatural creatures accessible and appealing in a bold new way.

This movie brought together the perfect formula of elevated genre storytelling rooted in the universal adolescent experience. That's why The Lost Boys' appeal burns eternally, over 30 years later.

A Legacy continues

In the years since its release, The Lost Boys has only continued to grow its fanbase and inspire the culture that followed.

Sequels & Comic Books

  • Lost Boys: The Tribe (2008) - Direct to video sequel with Corey Feldman returning as Edgar Frog
  • Lost Boys: The Thirst (2010) - Another sequel with Feldman back as Edgar Frog
  • Lost Boys comic book series (2016-2020) - Expanded the universe with new stories

These expansions allowed fans to return to the world and characters of Santa Carla. And Edgar Frog remains an iconic character thanks to Feldman's continued portrayal.

Fashion & Music Impact

With its punk-meets-goth costume and rock soundtrack, The Lost Boys also made a mark on pop culture.

  • Inspired punk, goth, and glam fashion trends of the late 80s/early 90s
  • Helped bring vampires into mainstream pop culture
  • No. 1 Billboard spot for Lost Boys soundtrack in 1987
  • "Cry Little Sister" became a cult hit and covered by various artists

The Lost Boys gave vampires a sexy, rebellious edge that impacted everything from music to runways to Halloween costumes. Behind the scenes, supporting players like music supervisor Thomas Newman went on to high-profile Hollywood careers.

Legacy on Screen

As a definitive 1980s teen horror-comedy, The Lost Boys influenced many films that followed.

  • Inspired 1990s youth horror movies like Buffy the Vampire Slayer
  • Impacted teen TV shows like Dawson's Creek and The O.C.
  • Helped fuel popularity of paranormal young adult books and movies
  • Direct homages in films like Fright Night (2011)

The Lost Boys helped pave the way for stories about attractive, young vampires that connect with audiences on a more relatable level. It demonstrated these narratives could blend scares with humor, music, and teen drama.

Lasting Fandom

More than anything, The Lost Boys is kept alive today by its loyal fans around the world.

  • Still a popular cosplay choice at comic conventions
  • Regular anniversary celebrations and showings at theaters
  • Huge online fan community sharing memes, GIFs, and tributes
  • Remains a Halloween favorite and yearly rewatch for many

The Lost Boys fandom keeps the spirit of this movie alive through creative works, discussions, and introducing new viewers. Fans remain captivated by the film's style and story that spoke to a generation.

An Unforgettable Cult Classic

The cast of The Lost Boys made teen vampire culture cool long before Twilight arrived. While their careers have taken them down varied paths over the past 30+ years, these actors brought something special to a film that has undeniably stood the test of time.

This cult favorite blends just the right elements into something greater than the sum of its parts. Everything from the comic timing, to the creepy horror effects, to the legendary soundtrack makes The Lost Boys magical.

"Good Night Blood Sucker!" - Edgar Frog

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It remains not just an eminently quotable flick, but also a meaningful coming of age story. Michael, Sam, and the Frog brothers battling vampires is an unforgettable right of passage metaphor.

The Lost Boys showed that horror movies could tap straight into the adolescent experience. It made vampires accessible antiheroes for generation after generation. For all these reasons and more, The Lost Boys will never grow old.

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