What Happened To Daryl Hannah?

What does daryl hannah look like today?

What Happened To Daryl Hannah?
What has happened to Daryl Hannah?

Daryl Christine Hannah, the blonde bombshell actress who lit up the screens in smash hits like Splash, Wall Street, Steel Magnolias, and Kill Bill, captivated audiences with her alluring looks and memorable performances in the ‘80s and ‘90s. But what has the former A-lister been up to lately? Let’s rewind and uncover why Hollywood appears to have forgotten this once-highly sought-after star.

Daryl Hannah Was One Of The Biggest Stars Of The '80s

Daryl Hannah burst onto the scene in 1982, starring opposite Tom Hanks in the now-cult classic romantic comedy Splash, playing the role of a mermaid who falls in love with a human. With her towering height of 5’ 10’’, glowing skin, and flowing blonde mane, Hannah perfectly embodied the part of Madison the mermaid. And moviegoers could not get enough. Splash raked in an impressive $69.8 million at the box office, becoming a surprise hit and catapulting Hannah to stardom at just 21 years old.

Daryl Hannah in Splash
“It’s given me so many opportunities, but in a way, Splash hampered me. It put me in a box, which is the downfall of Hollywood.” —Daryl Hannah

The newfound fame also brought challenges for the young actress, who has struggled with autism since childhood. The non-stop publicity tours and red carpet events took their toll. As Hannah later shared, “I used to have to fortify myself by looking in a mirror and pretending I was a warrior woman.”

Nevertheless, Hannah’s memorable debut captured the film industry’s attention. She soon landed roles opposite some of Hollywood’s biggest leading men, like Jack Nicholson in The Wall Street, Steve Martin in Roxanne, and Shirley MacLaine in Steel Magnolias. Her versatility as an actress began to shine through dramatic turns in films like Steel Magnolias and The Clan of the Cave Bear.

By the late ‘80s, Hannah’s star metre was off the charts. She graced the covers of major magazines, achieved sex symbol status, and became one of the most in-demand actresses in the business. Not too shabby for the girl from Chicago with the unusual upbringing!

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What Daryl Hannah Has Done Since The Kill Bill Movies

Hannah continued working steadily through the '90s, earning both critical praise—she won a Saturn Award for Best Supporting Actress in Grumpy Old Men—and public adoration. However, by the early 2000s, the roles had begun drying up. Then came a call from an old friend, director Quentin Tarantino, offering Hannah a role opposite Uma Thurman in his two-part bloody action flick Kill Bill.

Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill

Hannah stepped into the role of Elle Driver, the eyepatch-wearing, ruthless assassin. And although Driver meets her demise in the films (spoiler alert!), Hannah’s chilling performance once again made Hollywood take notice, earning her a second Saturn Award. It seemed Hannah might be on the brink of another major career upswing. However, that’s not what followed. Over the next decade, Hannah appeared primarily in indie films and TV movies—a far cry from the box office hits that first made her famous.

So what happened? How did Daryl Hannah fall from red carpet royalty to near obscurity?

As it turns out, Hannah may have landed fewer leading lady roles not because Hollywood forgot her talents but largely due to her own personal convictions. The actress developed a reputation for being, well, let’s say, “difficult.” Over the years, stories have surfaced about her unusual on-set demands and arrogant attitude that have supposedly made directors and producers unwilling to work with her.

“People think I’m incredibly difficult and I understand why. I don’t like being forced to do anything that’s morally questionable or dangerous to my health.” ̶ Daryl Hannah

However, Hannah refuses to compromise her beliefs for the sake of her career. She maintains a strict vegetarian diet, demands eco-conscious production practices, and boycotts projects associated with human rights or environmental abuses. All admirable stances. But those uncompromising principles have undoubtedly impacted casting decisions, relegating Hannah to lower-profile roles.

Trouble With Weinstein Further Impacted Opportunities

In recent years, Daryl Hannah has added her voice to the many women speaking out about the mistreatment they endured from former Hollywood heavyweight Harvey Weinstein. Hannah went public, sharing her own “horrifying” harassment incidents with Weinstein, which she believes also contributed to her being blacklisted from major productions.

In the wake of the #MeToo movement that sparked a reckoning for Weinstein and other abusive men in power positions, Hannah recounted her chilling encounters with the former studio head. Their initial professional meeting back in the 2000s took an uncomfortable turn when Weinstein barged uninvited into Hannah’s hotel room, requesting a massage. Hannah bravely refused.

But years later, when they met again, Weinstein’s behaviour grew more aggressive. The burly producer pounded forcefully on Hannah’s door, leaving her no choice but to escape out the back entrance to elude his badgering. Hannah came forward with her story amongst the chorus of Weinstein accusers to shine a light on the abuse of power running rampant in Hollywood’s elite circles.

Undoubtedly, defiantly rejecting Weinstein’s unwanted advances killed any chance of working with the bigwig again. And it likely impacted her reputation amongst his vast industry network as well.

But the courageous actress places principles over career, sending a message that silence will only enable further misconduct.

While reliving those painful memories cannot be easy, Hannah’s willingness to speak her truth displays the integrity and bravery that has defined her remarkable life.

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Daryl Hannah's Most Recent Roles

Never one to be idle for long, Hannah continues to act when interesting roles manifest aligning with her ethics. In recent years, you may have caught the blonde beauty popping up in supporting roles on both the big and small screen.

Some of Hannah’s most memorable performances of late include:

  • 2015-2018 - Dr. Angelica Roux on Netflix’s sci-fi thriller Sense8 – Hannah brought warmth and wisdom to her role as the Sensates’ mentor.
  • 2017Carol in The Slider – Carol is a mysterious and enigmatic woman who runs a hidden underground clinic that provides medical care to those who cannot afford it or who are on the run from the authorities.
  • 2018 - Sarah Freidman in Papa – Wife of Ben Friedman (played by Robert Scott Wilson): Sarah is married to Ben and they have two children together. Their relationship is tested throughout the film as Ben grapples with health issues and family drama.
Daryl Hannah in Sense8

Granted, these recent undertakings pale in comparison to the high-profile endeavors that first made Hannah famous. But the projects align with the actress’ preference for thought-provoking and socially-conscious content.

Daryl Hannah's Political Activism Explained

What else occupies Hannah’s time lately besides intermittent acting gigs? Political activism, and LOTS of it. Hannah has adopted environmentally sustainable living practices for decades. She drives solar-powered vehicles, installed renewable energy systems in her homes, and has been arrested multiple times for protesting causes like the Keystone Pipeline.

Hannah’s vigilance caught the attention of politician Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. The pair has dated on-and-off since 2014, blending their advocacy efforts along the way. Her passion for defending human rights and protecting the planet seems to give Hannah’s life meaning beyond fame.

“I feel fulfilled in my life. I love what I do. I'd love to do more of it, but I don't feel desperate, like I need validation.” —Daryl Hannah

While Hannah may not make as many splashy headlines today, she seems content fighting for issues that really matter and taking acting jobs that spark her interest along the way. And audiences still adore her. The enduring affection was evident when Hannah received her star on the Hollywood Walk Fame in 2019.

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Then and Now

80s Icon vs 2024 (63 years old)

So while Daryl Hannah (currently 63 years old) chooses to live much of her life outside the glitzy limelight she once embraced, her millions of loyal fans clearly haven’t forgotten her. We eagerly await her next memorable screen performance...whenever that may be.