The Cast of Cherry 2000: Then and Now

Join us as we revisit the Cherry 2000 cast and explore where the actors are now, nearly four decades after the movie's release.

The Cast of Cherry 2000: Then and Now
See The Cast Of Cherry 2000 in 2024

Released in 1987, "Cherry 2000" took audiences on a wild ride through a post-apocalyptic world where a man's quest to replace his malfunctioning robotic wife led him down a path filled with danger, unique characters, and unexpected twists. While the film itself has garnered a cult following over the years, it's the talented ensemble cast that truly brought this story to life.

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Cherry 2000

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Ben Johnson as Jake "Six-Fingered Jake"

Then (1987)

At the age of 69, Ben Johnson lent his rugged charm and seasoned acting chops to the role of Jake, the grizzled tracker and guide tasked with navigating the treacherous wastelands. His portrayal of the six-fingered Jake was a standout, infusing the character with a unique blend of world-weariness and hard-earned wisdom. Johnson's extensive experience in Western films undoubtedly contributed to his credible performance as a man who had seen and survived the harshest of environments.

Ben Johnson

Now (2024)

Sadly, Ben Johnson passed away in 1996 at the age of 77, leaving behind a remarkable legacy in the world of cinema. Prior to his death, he continued to appear in acclaimed projects such as the critically lauded miniseries "Lonesome Dove" in 1989 and the Western drama "The Good Old Boys" in 1995. Johnson's portrayal of Jake in "Cherry 2000" remains a testament to his versatility and enduring talent, cementing his place as a true icon of the acting world.

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Brion James as Stacy

Then (1987)

At the age of 42, Brion James brought his signature intensity and grit to the role of Stacy in "Cherry 2000." As a tough and resourceful character deeply entangled in the film's central conflict, James' performance was a driving force, adding layers of complexity and intrigue to the narrative. His ability to convey a sense of ruggedness and street smarts made Stacy a compelling presence on screen.

Brion James

Now (2024)

Tragically, Brion James passed away in 1999 at the age of 54. After his memorable turn in "Cherry 2000," he continued to make his mark in various science fiction and action films, including the iconic "Blade Runner" in 1982, the visually stunning "The Fifth Element" in 1997, and the buddy cop sequel "Another 48 Hrs." in 1990. James' legacy as a versatile character actor remains intact, with his performance in "Cherry 2000" serving as a testament to his talent and range.

David Andrews as Sam Treadwell

Then (1987)

At the age of 35, David Andrews took on the central role of Sam Treadwell, a man on a mission to replace his malfunctioning robotic wife, Cherry 2000. Andrews brought a sense of determination and vulnerability to the character, striking a delicate balance between Treadwell's unwavering pursuit and his underlying emotional needs. His nuanced performance effectively anchored the film's narrative, allowing audiences to invest in Treadwell's journey.

David Andrews

Now (2024)

Now 72 years old, David Andrews has continued to build an impressive acting resume across various mediums. He has appeared in notable films such as the critically acclaimed "Apollo 13" in 1995, the action-packed "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" in 2003, and the beloved TV series "Friday Night Lights" from 2006 to 2011. Andrews' ability to inhabit diverse roles has solidified his status as a respected and versatile actor, with his portrayal of Sam Treadwell in "Cherry 2000" serving as a standout in his extensive body of work.

David Andrews' (Sam) movie debut was in the 1984 horror classic Nightmare On Elm Street

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Harry Carey Jr. as Tom "Snappy Tom"

Then (1987)

At the age of 66, Harry Carey Jr. brought his wealth of experience and gruff charisma to the role of Tom, affectionately known as "Snappy Tom." As a skilled mechanic who aids the protagonist in his quest, Carey's performance added a touch of rugged authenticity to the film's post-apocalyptic world. His natural presence on screen made Tom a memorable and endearing character.

Harry Carey Jr.

Now (2024)

Sadly, Harry Carey Jr. passed away in 2012 at the age of 91. After his memorable turn in "Cherry 2000," he continued to embrace his love for Westerns, appearing in iconic films such as "Tombstone" in 1993 and the classic "The Shootist" in 1976. Carey's legacy as a true cowboy actor remains intact, with his performance in "Cherry 2000" serving as a testament to his versatility and longevity in the industry.

Laurence Fishburne as Glu Glu Lawyer

Then (1987)

At the tender age of 26, Laurence Fishburne, credited as Larry Fishburne, brought his unique flair to the quirky role of the Glu Glu Lawyer. With his natural charisma and ability to inject humour into even the most peculiar situations, Fishburne's performance added a delightfully offbeat element to the post-apocalyptic setting. His portrayal of the unconventional legal professional was a standout, showcasing his versatility as a young actor.

Laurence Fishburne

Now (2024)

Laurence Fishburne, now 62 years old, has undoubtedly solidified his place as one of the most acclaimed actors of his generation. After his early success in "Cherry 2000," he went on to deliver powerful performances in films like the groundbreaking "The Matrix" trilogy, the gritty drama "Boyz n the Hood" in 1991, and the critically acclaimed biopic "What's Love Got to Do with It" in 1993. Fishburne's ability to seamlessly transition between genres and tackle complex roles has earned him widespread respect and admiration within the industry.

Marshall Bell as Bill

Then (1987)

At the age of 45, Marshall Bell brought his signature intensity and grit to the role of Bill in "Cherry 2000." As a supporting character with his own motivations and agenda within the film's post-apocalyptic world, Bell's performance added depth and intrigue to the narrative. His ability to convey a sense of determination and street smarts made Bill a compelling presence on screen.

Marshall Bell

Now (2024)

Marshall Bell, now 82 years old, has continued to work steadily in both film and television over the past few decades. After his turn in "Cherry 2000," he appeared in noteworthy films such as "Total Recall" (1990), "Starship Troopers" (1997), and "Things to Do in Denver When You're Dead" (1995). Bell's diverse range and commitment to his craft have made him a respected character actor, with his performance in "Cherry 2000" serving as a testament to his versatility.

Melanie Griffith as Edith "E" Johnson

Then (1987)

At the age of 30, Melanie Griffith brought her signature charm and grit to the role of Edith "E" Johnson in "Cherry 2000." As a tough tracker who assists the protagonist on his journey, Griffith's performance added a layer of resilience and authenticity to the film's post-apocalyptic world. Her ability to convey both vulnerability and strength made Edith a compelling and multidimensional character.

Melanie Griffith

Now (2024)

Melanie Griffith, now 66 years old, has had an illustrious career spanning several decades. After her memorable turn in "Cherry 2000," she went on to star in numerous critically acclaimed films, including the iconic "Working Girl" in 1988, for which she won a Golden Globe. Other notable works include "The Bonfire of the Vanities" in 1990, the suspenseful "Pacific Heights" in the same year, and the neo-noir thriller "Mulholland Falls" in 1996. Griffith's versatility as an actress has allowed her to tackle a wide range of roles, solidifying her status as a true Hollywood icon.

In an interview done on set and published in Starlog 109 (cover date August 1986), Melanie Griffith reveals that she was pregnant with her first child when she tested for this movie. She was hired with a clause in her contract that if she did not have the baby by September 9, her role would be recast. Her son Alexander (with her then husband Steven Bauer) was born August 22, 1985, and Griffith started the film three weeks later, taking the boy along to the set each day to breastfeed him

Pamela Gidley as Cherry 2000

Then (1987)

Pamela Gidley was 29 years old when she played Cherry 2000, a robotic love interest pivotal to the film's plot. Gidley brought a sense of innocence and vulnerability to the role, making Cherry 2000 a sympathetic character despite her artificial nature.

Pamela Gidley

Now (2024)

Unfortunately, Pamela Gidley passed away in 2018 at the age of 59. However, she left behind a body of work that includes roles in films such as Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me (1992) and Automatic (1995). Gidley will always be remembered as a talented actress who brought depth and complexity to every role she played.

Pamela Gidley was a successful model in the 1980's. She appeared in Seventeen magazine, and at least once she was its cover model. She also won a televised beauty contest in the 80's called "The Most Beautiful Girl in the World."

Tim Thomerson as Lester

Then (1987)

Tim Thomerson was 50 years old when he portrayed Lester, a character with his own motivations and connections in the world of Cherry 2000. Thomerson brought a sense of humour and charm to the role, making Lester a likeable character despite his questionable actions.

Tim Thomerson

Now (2024)

Tim Thomerson is currently 87 years old and has continued to act in various films and television shows throughout his career. Some of his notable roles include appearances in the Trancers franchise (1984–1994), Dollman (1991), and Hawk the Slayer (1980). Thomerson has proven himself to be a versatile actor with a long and impressive career.

The cast of Cherry 2000 has had a varied and interesting journey since the film's release in 1987. While some of the actors have passed away, they have left behind a legacy of memorable performances and impressive bodies of work. Others, like Laurence Fishburne and Melanie Griffith, have gone on to have successful careers in Hollywood. It's always interesting to look back at the early roles of actors and see how they've evolved over time. Cherry 2000 may not be the most well-known film, but it's a fun and entertaining sci-fi adventure that's worth revisiting. And who knows? You may discover a new favorite actor or actress in the process!

Thank you for joining me on this trip down memory lane. I hope you enjoyed this look at the cast of Cherry 2000: Then and Now. Until next time, keep on rewinding!


1. Where was the movie Cherry 2000 filmed? The movie Cherry 2000 was filmed in various locations in California, including the Mojave Desert, Vasquez Rocks, and the Sable Ranch in Canyon Country.

2. What year does Cherry 2000 take place? The movie Cherry 2000 is set in a post-apocalyptic world in the year 2017.

3. Who is streaming Cherry 2000?

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4. Who wrote Cherry 2000? The screenplay for Cherry 2000 was written by Michael Almereyda. He is known for his work on other films such as "Nadja" (1994) and "Hamlet" (2000).